• Develop a formula exclusive for your product, whether the product will be manufactured by us or someone else.
• Help you fix problems you are having with an existing formula.
• Assess your formula to see if it meets specific country requirements.
• Make samples of a specific formula for you.


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Stability Testings

• Conduct Accelerated Stability Testings.
• Conduct Real Time Stability Testings.
• Verify that product stays Chemically and Physically stable throughout its lifespan.


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Package Design

• Package and Label design.
• Manage the acquisition of packaging material from suppliers on your behalf.


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• Compose text and choose what information to include on the label in order to meet legal requirements.


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Product Registration

• Provide proper documentation and know-how required for product registration in a specific market.


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Private Label

• Act as your contract manufacturer, whether you are looking for Bulk Products or Finished Goods.
• Perform any or all of the following tasks: Mixing, Filling, Packaging, Labeling, Warehousing and Inventory Control.


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